About Us

About us

Our company based in Benghazi was founded in 2008 and in a short time has become one of the leading companies importing medicines and medical equipment. The company imports medicines from several foreign companies and distribute them to the public sector and pharmacies.
The strategy of the company is in line with the vision of the state to provide the necessary medicines for every citizen in all parts of Libya and in light of this vision we have the honor to distribute medicines and pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to all hospitals, clinics and pharmacies through the best method of storage and distribution well ..

Mission of the company

We are always striving to support our clients with all the medicines they need continuously and we are working to improve the level of market requirements, taking into account the continuous development of the market and we promise our customers to take care of the latest technologies to support our objectives to provide the best and latest services to our customers ...
The company supplies medical equipment and supplies not available in the local market from the largest international companies specialized in the field of medical to meet the requirements of customers.

The goals of the company

Importing and using the latest technology tools to increase and serve our customers and thus succeed in increasing our share in the drug market, identifying and unifying the idea in working to raise the company to provide the best possible service to the customers, encouraging and training the team so that we can increase the company's activities to become an example to others and compete in meeting the needs of our customers. .
To be one of the most important companies in the Libyan market to help promote the pharmaceutical market to the required level.

The company imports medicines from many companies and distributes them all over Libya

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